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Passive Investing: The Evidence

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Part 4: Ultimate Diversification

November 15, 2012
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Passive investing aims to 'capture the market' and diversification is key to achieving this. Avoiding 'putting all your eggs in one basket' by investing in a low cost, widely diversified passive portfolio allows you to reap the higher rewards of riskier assets whilst smoothing out some of the volatility. Featuring interviews with Dan Goldie, Prof Anthony Neuberger, William Sharpe, Lawrence Gosling, David Booth, Weston Wellington, Charles Ellis.and Bill Bernstein.

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"Passive investor will in the long run always fare better than the average active investor" Yes the AVERAGE active investor, but thats like saying don't play poker because the AVERAGE poker player is losing money. That doesn't mean you can't win money playing poker or even that it is very hard to do so. There are good (profitable) investors and good active investment strategies out there.

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