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Passive Investing: The Evidence

A ground-breaking eight-part, 54 minute film featuring some of the world's top economists and academics including John Bogle, Charles Ellis and William Sharpe. Above all, it demonstrates why passive is the rational, mathematically proven route to investing success.

Video blogs

A series of regular and topical video blogs in which industry commentators, experts, academics and investors are brought together to examine the finer points of investing.


An interview by US evidence-based investing writer Wendy Cook with the founders of

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A sensible shot around the world

February 25, 2016

An interview with investing blogger, wealth manager and occasional Bogle critic Eric Nelson.

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Breaking with Bogle

March 27, 2015

Our latest blog features Morgan Housel, award-winning columnist at the Motley Fool and Wall Street Journal. In this extended interview, Morgan explains why we still pay so much attention to market forecasts, despite a wealth of evidence that they’re more likely to hinder investors rather than help them.

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Why are we so hooked on market forecasting? An interview with Morgan Housel

March 03, 2015

For those of us campaigning for a fairer fund industry, and a bigger role for low-cost, evidence-based investing, the last few years have been a constant struggle. But 2014 has given us cause for optimism.

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Why 2014 was a watershed year for the UK fund industry

December 31, 2014

Being told to "rot in hell" because you campaign for a fairer, transparent investment industry isn't fun. But when the evidence is on your side it's a sign of progress, writes Robin Powell.

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Campaign for fairer investment industry hits a raw nerve

December 10, 2014

Journalists have a critical role to play in providing investors with useful and un-conflicted information. But with the media bias towards active funds, they have failed the consumer. It's time for change, argues Robin Powell.

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Media bias towards active funds has to stop

November 19, 2014

Today’s consumers are usually quite savvy about how much they pay for things, but far too many of us still have a blind spot when it comes to fund charges.

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6 reasons why UK fund charges are a rip off

August 26, 2014

Carl Richards on...

Two videos featuring Carl Richards, the 'Sketch Guy' and creator of, on the destructiveness of investor behaviour and how advisers can make investing a better experience for their clients.

A Dummy's Guide To Smart Beta

Smart Beta is one of the investing industry's latest buzzwords. But what is it, and how does it differ from passive investing as we have always known it? In this four-part series, we look at the range of differing opinions in the industry. Plus, we meet two investors who believe that Smart Beta represents the future of investing.

RDR: A Guide For Investors

The Retail Distribution Review came into force on 31 December 2012 with a promise to be one of the biggest shake ups in the financial industry for decades. With contributions from leading industry commentators, this three-part video guide explores what the new regulations mean for investors.