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Defined contribution workplace pensions: The audit of charges and benefits in legacy schemes

A legacy pension audit by the Independent Project Board reveals £26bn exposed to high charges of up to 3%

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Campaign for fairer investment industry hits a raw nerve

Being told to "rot in hell" because you campaign for a fairer, transparent investment industry isn't fun. But when the evidence is on your side it's a sign of progress, writes Robin Powell.

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High-quality subscription content for financial advisers

From 2015, Sensible Investing will be providing financial advisers with high-quality subscription content. To find out more, contact Richard Wood at [email protected]

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Video blog: two key lessons you can learn from academic research

Evidence-based investing is founded on more than half a century of independent, peer-reviewed research. But, says Professor Jens Hagendorff, there are really just two key lessons that investors need to learn.

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Media bias towards active funds has to stop

Journalists have a critical role to play in providing investors with useful and un-conflicted information. But with the media bias towards active funds, they have failed the consumer. It's time for change, argues Robin Powell.

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Acuity Volume 22: Portfolio valuations in perspective

Avoid getting distracted and jeopardising your long-term investment strategy by following these 'do's' and 'don'ts' when looking at your portfolio valuation.