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How to Win the Loser's Game: the Trailer

The trailer for the Sensible Investing documentary on the investing industry, How to Win the Loser's Game.

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Breaking with Bogle

An interview with investing blogger, wealth manager and occasional Bogle critic Eric Nelson.

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Video blog: What is active share, and why is it important?

The phrase “active share” has been heard a lot in recent weeks. So what exactly does it mean? Why is it such a hot topic of conversation in the investing world? And what do investors need to know about it? In our latest video blog, Nick Motson from Cass Business School explains all.

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Acuity Volume 24: The Hidden Value Of Great Financial Planning

The benefits of good advice often don't materialise until the far-off future, making it easy for clients to miss the value received along the way. This volume of Acuity is a reminder of the seen and unseen, or unappreciated, value that great financial planning can deliver.

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Why are we so hooked on market forecasting? An interview with Morgan Housel

Our latest blog features Morgan Housel, award-winning columnist at the Motley Fool and Wall Street Journal. In this extended interview, Morgan explains why we still pay so much attention to market forecasts, despite a wealth of evidence that they’re more likely to hinder investors rather than help them.

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Video blog: the shocking impact of charges on investment returns

If you’ve ever wondered why we put so much emphasis on the cost of investing, this video explains why. Over 40 years, the typical effect of charges is to reduce your potential returns by more than two-thirds. Don’t believe us? Look at the figures.