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Sharing policy

We like to share our content



The videos, blogs and resources on have been produced with the intention of spreading the word about evidence-based investing,so we’re keen to enable others to share them within their own networks and embed the videos on their own websites.



Embedding our videos on your website

Our videos are hosted on our YouTube channel. To embed a video, click on the YouTube icon on the bar directly under the video; this will take you to the video on our YouTube channel. Once there, click on 'share' and then 'embed'.


Don't take the credit

If you are using the video on your own website, you must indicate that copyright remains with When embedding or sharing a video, you must use the video in its entirety and never cut, edit, re-brand or otherwise alter it.

It would be great if you could send us a link to your site if you embed our videos. Either email or send us a tweet to @investsensibly



Want to use our content to market your business?

If you wish to use our content in mailshots to clients or as part of your own marketing activities (other than embedding on your website), please contact to request permission.